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Funky Traveller Asian Blog

The Great Wall'ker - Walking the Great Wall of China

Worldwalk Peacetour Blog - Walking around the world in six years.

Blogabout Europe - Around Europe by bus: blogs from the road from a girl who can't seem to stay in one place for long.

Travel Junkie - Boris is a 30 year old beach bum having a look at the world. He enjoys a good glass of wine and thinks that travelling is one way to reach nirvana. Read about his stories on the road.

Simon Gandolfi - Travels of a fat old toad on a bike - US/Mexican border to Tierra del Fuego (External Blog)

Go Budget Travel - An ongoing blog concerned with budget travel and backpacking

Zaf's South Asian Travels - Honest accounts of travelling around South-East Asia (Read from the bottom up)

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